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Dhouk Indie Dyes

I make small batch hand-dyed yarns that reflect the beauty and biodiversity of local ecosystems in the Western United States.

::: Dyecology ::

I am an Ecologist + Dyer, and when I dye, I attempt to capture the color profile of a local plant community, rather than a single individual. Plants are not equally distributed across the landscape, they grow in biomes and ecosystems that support their survival. It would be uncommon to find a Saguaro Cactus at 10,000 feet, and it would rare to see a Redwood growing in an arid lowland desert. Just like us, plants have their favorite spots and these spots overlap among species to form a plant community.

More about Ecoregions of North America

:::: Regional Dye Palette ::::

I was exposed to the concept of "regional dye palette" during a mycopigments class with Alissa Allen at Evergreen State College. This form of dyeing and engaging with plants made sense to me, because it brings us closer to our local plant communities and generates intimacy with the world around us. My ultimate goal is just that, to inspire a wild love for the world around us and to inspire a sense of connection and stewardship for the flora we know and love.

:::: Ethics ::::

I use ethical wild-crafting practices when I collect plants. I only collect when I see that a species is abundant and healthy and when appropriate, I ask the community of local gatherers for permission to collect. I do not use dye books or attempt to extract information from indigenous people. I am not entitled to the use or distribution of that information.

If I come across a new species, I usually have no idea what colors it will give.